Mwanza Youth and Children Network

Department of Children

This department is concerned with issues related to children participation and development mentally, physically and socially. The programs for this department are:

  • Mwanza Junior Council (MJC)- Provides an opportunity for children discuss and engage in the different matters concerning their welfare through their own council. MYCN , along with the City Community Development Department, and Plan International implement the program.
  • School Clubs Program- Gives opportunity to Primary school children to participate in social issues concerning their development and the nation at large. Currently, there are 10 primary school clubs in Mwanza Region.
  • Children Agenda- Promotes the implementation of ten areas of investment for Tanzania’s children. This program is under cooperation with MYCN, UNICEF, Government,  Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and other stakeholders.
  • Commemoration of Children Special Days- This department also prepares and participates in preparation for various children days both national and international days, such as the day of Fighting against Child Labour and the Day of African Child.

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