Mwanza Youth and Children Network

Department of Information and Relations

The Department of Information and Relations is concerned with the voice of youth and children through information and relations, creating relationships between MYCN and other organizations and government. The department also advertises the activities and different events of the organization via mass media, publications and press conferences.

  • Young Reporters Network of Tanzania (Mwanza)– Gives opportunities to children express their voice in society and government through radio and TV programs. This program a coalition between MYCN, UNICEF, and CHILDREN’S RADIO FOUNDATION (CRF).
  • Online Discussion– Gives opportunity to youth and children via Facebook to discuss different issues concerning their lives.
  • Youth Radio and TV program- Youth meet every week to discuss events important to youth, in order to prepare the topic for the weekly radio and TV program.
  • Mwanza Youth and Children HIV/AIDS Forum- Is the program that encourages the participation and accountability of youth and children in fighting against HIV/AIDS in Mwanza Region.
  • Newspaper Program- Provides a room for youth and children to meet and prepare a newspaper that is published once per quarter containing different information, education and entertainment events.
  • Children Speech Program- Offers an opportunity for children to prepare and give a speech which is then presented by the Chairperson of Mwanza Junior Council to both local and international mass media.

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