Mwanza Youth and Children Network

Department of Sports and Culture

This department is concerned with different issues of sports and culture concerning youth and children. The projects and programs which are under this department include:

  • Talents for Life Project- Intended to transform youth’s talents into employment, where youth obtain their own income from their talent for their livelihood. These talents include singing, dancing, drama, modeling & designing, and artwork.
  • The ‘SHIKOME’ Project- A Sukuma tribal word referring to the fire where household elders gather the young children and narrate different stories, fables and proverbs as a of way of passing on their culture. This project brings together youth and children for the purpose of obtaining education, to preserve and develop their own culture, as well as learning about other cultures.
  • Radio Drama Program (Sundays at 6:30pm)- A program done through the Voice of America-Swahili where young women get an opportunity to express opinions on Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, and other women’s challenges, through drama, storytelling, and discussion.

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