Mwanza Youth and Children Network

Department of Youth

The Department of Youth deals with different issues concerning youth mental, physical, social and economic development. The projects and programs being done by this department include:

  • Young Women Entrepreneurship Association- Gives an opportunity to young women under 30 years old, who did not have access to basic education or who did not proceed with studies because of extenuating circumstances, to produce new ways of being economically successful in life through entrepreneurship.
  • Youth School Clubs-  Gives a chance to youth in schools to participate fully in social issues and strengthen youth capacities of leadership, life skills, planning, report writing and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Capacity Building for groups and youth organizations- Builds capacity of different groups and organizations so as to enable them to perform their activities efficiently. Youth are trained on group management, proposal writing, searching for sponsors and donors, lobbying and advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • We Can Campaign- A campaign to bring youth together in schools and colleges in the fight against all forms of women discrimination and violence.

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